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Our next teacher training will start in January 2019. Please register your interest by email to [email protected].



This course is certified by the Independent Yoga Network. It is a full 500 hour stand alone certification. Check them out ! They’re an organisation full of yogic integrity founded on the principles of satya and ahimsa, and well worth joining.

Here’s what the students say about the opening modules …..

“Leaving after the first module, I felt happy, relaxed and committed to my own well-being and getting to know my own body in more depth and with more awareness. A huge thanks to Lisa, Christine and all the assistants for your love and attention over the weekend. It has been gratefully received.

There is an essence of truth that flows through this work. Keep doing what you do ! It is simply inspiring, authentic and very professional.

The smiling attitude of everyone made the four days a module to remember. Overall kindness and care the words that come to mind.

I have learnt a new way of being in my body remembering the breath and its power not just on the mat but in my life.

I think it is truly excellent that the teachers have dived so deep into their own practice and are offering it to us.

Even after practicing Yoga for 12 years it’s like starting again and I love it !

The breath itself could be a beautiful metaphor for this module, opened, ebbed and flowed, expanded, but was always adaptable.

A wonderful and precious experience.

“My body now feels my organs and I see my practice profoundly changing following this module.”

“To find my emotional centre, I have come through my bones, my muscles, my fluids and now my soft voluminous organs, and each time it has been about finding release and contentment.”

“The manual and teaching materials are very professional and well laid out. I have been given all the back-up information I need to be able to digest in my own time.”

“The assistants were very welcoming and could n’t do more to provide everyone with what they need to be comfortable and looked after.”

“I found this module deeply impactful on all levels”.

“I like the time allowed for practical exploration, allowing us sense the subtle energies and feel the difference it makes in one’s practice.”

“I love Christine’s teaching, her authenticity, honesty and able-ness to listen with what seems her entire being-ness.”

“Integrating the organ body into my Yoga practice really helps to bring together a sense of wholeness and peace throughout my being. I strongly recommend this module to all Yoga students.”